Īmān Nasheed Group

Young and energetic, the founding trio of this nasheed group (Wahied, Nizaam and Rifaat), aims to convey through their compilations, just what their faith, Islam, is all about. It was therefore conclusive that they would call themselves, Īmān (pronounced ‘ee-maan’).

The literal meaning of Īmān can be understood as believing without any shadow of doubt, to have faith, to be contented in one's heart and mind.

“Īmān expresses what our music, our nasheed is about - having faith in Allah, proclaiming our faith, being proud of our faith – the nasheed we render and the name of our group promotes the same message”.

Rifaat Wahied Faizel Nizaam

As Muslims, group members Wahied Kannemeyer, brothers Rifaat and Nizaam Moses, and Faizel Abrahams found themselves growing up in a community which strongly adheres to its faith and traditions amidst a predominantly Western society in Cape Town, South Africa.

Besides enjoying and appreciating the tradition of Qur'anic recital, dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and qasidah early on in their lives, they were also influenced by the music of 'Western' bands as well as those groups specialising in Spanish musical tradition, including the flamenco guitar, by way of artists such as Jessie Cook, Gypsy Kings and Paco de Lucia.

Outside of Western groups, Īmān's members also enjoy and are influenced by the musical genre of Malaysian and Indonesian nasheed groups such as Raihan, Rabbani and Nowseeheart.

These influences can be appreciated in the group's ability to sing with and without musical accompaniments (acapella).

Īmān's Achievements

Since their founding in 2003, Īmān has performed at a number of community events throughout Cape Town. They recall with fondness and pride of being invited to share the platform with the renowned nasheed group, Raihan, when the Malaysian group was in Cape Town for a second time in 2003.

In July 2005, Īmān toured the United Kingdom as part of Meem Music's Nasheeds4Youth tour (N4Y 2005), being the first nasheed group from South Africa to have this honour.

In June 2005 they completed the recording of their first album. Just Remember. Meem Music launched the album at the Islamic Association of North America (ISNA) Conference in the United States in September 2005.

"Nasheed gives us the freedom as young people to express our feelings and emotions as Muslims and about Islam. It’s about using our creative talents in a positive, educative and uplifting manner".

Welcome to the sweet sounds of the Muslim youth of Cape Town, South Africa!!

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